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MSHP - MSHP Series Mini Servo Press

HSMP is equipped with integrated load control and position control sensors. These sensors and advanced computer based control system provide high precision closed loop process control. Due to the quality control carried out during the manufacturing process reduces the loss of material and workmanship caused by the faulty production. it allows process control with internal programmable control zones and stops the cycle when the tolerance is exceeded. it is possible to program using a specific force, position, or a combination of both with a graphical programming screen that can be adjusted throughout the cycle. The press can be used alone, also communicating with other devices on the line via common data bus systems. in this way it is possible to control more than one press at the same time from a single center. Through computer software it is possible to make mold / tool selection and job prescription, to keep critical data about process results, to make basic statistical calculations.


Automotive applications, applications of manufacturing engineering, sealing, joining, bending, drilling, assembly processes. Electronic applications, electronic component assemble applications, electro-mo­tor body assemblies, power electronics mounting process on pcb. Test procedures, static tests, low frequency dynamic tests.



  Mini Servo-Hydraulic Press    
Press force 100 kN 150 kN 200 kN
Motor power 4 kW kW kW
Movement speed 100 mm/s mm/s mm/s
Pressing speed 20 mm/s mm/s mm/s
Minimum speed 0,05 mm/s mm/s mm/s
Position control precision 0,01 mm mm mm
Force control precision 100 N 150 N 200 N